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Life is to petite.

Life is too petite to fall for people who don’t adore you loudly, or for relationships that don’t set fervour to your humanity.

Our while on this terrain is temporary, and in the short years we must love audaciously.

The soul you’re meant to be with will test you, will thrust you, will make you foolish and joyful and muddled, and show you what factual, intricate love is.

The soul you’re meant to be with will horrify you because they make you sense something.
So this is what you must to know about love—you must constantly hunt the person who jolts you. Don’t settle for luxury because it’s accustomed. Don’t be gratified with what you know because there’s a domain out there waiting for you. And life’s too petite not to chase that.

Fall for the soul who horrifies you because they have new-fangled ways of viewing at the domain, because they are diverse, because there is nearly unexplainable connection that is hauling you rear to him or her, no matter how ample you try to repudiate it.

Fall for the soul who horrifies you because you sense something when you look into his or her eyes; and because terrifying is a change, a test, and both of those possessions will help you grow.
Fall for the soul who terrifies you because what the netherworld else is our tenacity on this terrain than to love and love stupidly, audaciously, completely?

Life is too petite to clutch yourself back from feeling something intensely. Life’s too petite to repudiate your emotion the inclination of tumbling into someone, and giving them your soul. Life’s too petite to fictitious that you’ll find love where it’s relaxed and laid-back, because in all authenticity, love will never be laid-back. And that’s the most striking part.

Life’s too petite not to chase people that jolt you, because those individuals are the ones who will change your life. And we’re all searching for that love that will change our whole lives.

Waiting for someone.. :-!

doing great :-)

The cosmos poultices and expands, there are more stars in the blue than figures we have names for, moving gas hulks look like lollipops, we move without stirring, you are never the only one conscious at night, the city carries lifeless objects to life, serenity can still bloom in gaps– I don’t know if there’s a being accountable for these little wonders but because they occur there is still something good out there and I hope that’s reason ample for you to believe in healthier days.”
If you’re elucidation this and you’re not blissful right now, you will be.
I don’t know what you’re working through.
Everybody have their own type of nightfall that they’re vexing to make sagacity of, but no matter how shadowy it gets, you’ll do it.
Things will get healthier, you will get better.
Life will become cheerful, and you’ll look back on days like these when you couldn’t look onward to the next hour, let alone the next day. 
When you do, you’ll smile, maybe even giggle, and it’ll hit you.
You turned out just fine


“I don’t think retrieval is a straight road. I don’t think it gradually gets better. Some days, you feel like hovering, like everything is lenient and warm and the dusks are long without being wretched. Some dusks you wake up with so much subtlety, with wings mounting out of your back, with your slithers touching the stars from your boudoir window.
Other days, however, you wake up wanting to croak again. Everything feels dense and dawdling and your slithers will twinge with coldness. These days, you won’t bother. You’ll latch yourself in your tiny world, feel the heaviness of the whole world descend into your crust. These days, you’ll sit in stillness in digs full of noise, feel your chest squeeze. These days, you’ll text everyone and tell them you miss them. These days, they don’t  reply. These days, your associates make fun of how inaudible you become, how you certainly not say a thing.

These days, you tell them you’re worn-out. You tell them you haven’t napped. You don’t tell them about the scorch in your trunk, how living became a problem. How soft loss looks, how frequently you think of rambling onto busy lanes in rush hour.

These days, though, will pass. One day, you’ll wake up feeling bright again, feel the stars at the tip of your slithers, instil yourself to vex again. One day, you’ll overlook what all that heaviness felt like, what thinking of demise felt like.



Today I loved waking up to the sound of rain. I loved the swoosh of cars out on the street as they hiss by on their way to deliver their denizens to some place dry. I love memories of yellow raincoats and neoprene boots and walking to the stable to do the routines in the rain but inside my own little vault of guard. I love rainy days spent on doorways and galleries with comfy chairs, hot nibbles, and warm jumpers. I love the sight of blossoming shrubs in the rain, each bloom somnolent in gratitude of the gift of water from the atmosphere to the earth, as if they are all busy excluding the dewdrops, keeping track of the dues of presents so as to be able to opine the earth when the time comes to repay it with more tinges, more flush, more seasonal. I love the way the day just feels like board playoffs and inglenooks whenever there is a good rain.

Today I love hot chocolate in the quiet of a rainy DUSK . It’s a grey din kind of muffled and throbbing soft that feels good. I love supping at my cup while I reckon the gifts I get from life and make plans to repay those gifts with delight.



Earth is just not what we know; warm equator and poles covered with snow, rotation and revolution around the sun and which brings night and days of fun. Ozone, rain and layers of protection.
work through till the end with an intention.
who knows the reason behind them; why the rivers flow? Why the winds blow? Why are we born to grow?
the truth is fauna is wiser than we know.nature


hush i can see a gleam of light in the sky, it is almost striking me up. i cannot believe i have been gratified by an angel of love, let the hail come down and wash away my cries let it fill my soul and drown away my dreads let it shatter.
The wall for a new spell and a new era has come. Where there was nightfall now there is light. Where there was agony now there is happiness. Where there was feebleness i found my power and found them all in an eye of a boy.

Hush yes a new day has come…

war:- !

Every hurtle sacked signifies in the final sense, a prudence from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are taciturn and are not arrayed. This world in munitions is not spending money alone. It is spending the sweat of its drudges, the prodigy of its experts, the hopes of its pro genies. This is not a mode of life at all in any real sense. Under the mists of war, it is humankind hanging on a cross of iron.


When you love someone, the whole shebang about them twitches to become enormously better. You look at them like it’s the foremost time all the time, and I know they say that apprehensions stand for anxiety but it’s not the anxiousness in your gut but more of a cordiality in your ambiance whenever they are on your mind or in front of you.  Even if you reviled music, you’d still love the descant in their giggle and the song in their expression. You can walk downstairs to buy few essential chucks and within the few feet you will find something that’ll run by again you of them. It’s as easy as seeing their desired flush or a odder order coffee the same way they will. And as you twitch every day, you desire the sun would certainly not set so you’d never have to miss a banter you could have if nap wasn’t necessary. When someone loves you, they will discover their way to you and you won’t have to ask them to come meet you in the internal of the city just for five minutes. They will want to. They will want to listen to you tirade about your current vein and listen to you when you are strained about everything, even when it is completely nothing. They will touch you with tenderness, kiss you with the suppleness they dwell, and when you are close ample to feel their heartbeat, you know it’s for you. You’ll be able to see the power in their eyes and the intensity in their emotion whenever you are together, ample to lithe up the world and even the sea can’t scald you out. It’s always a extraordinary moment with them, even if it’s the humblest things such as taking a gait or sipping tea on a frosty day, and even that’ll be more than conventional. And as this person endures to stay in your life, you will recognize how admirable people are of love, especially yourself.



It takes a snuffle to make bereavement valid. It takes heartbeats and drubbing pulses. People assume there is a impulsive stop to these things. Like in a millisecond one exists and then proximately finds itself archaic. Have you ever heard bereavement? The extinguishing of snuffle? It is like trailing someone to a vigor. It is warbles and it is wheezes and it is dumpiness and it is the fading of soul. Have you ever felt bereavement? It is a stalwart hammering that has been entreating to be heard all its life, only to be renowned just before it weakens. It is a barrel falling fast asleep. It is the dwindling of a song, it is the creation of flicker and it is the flashiest stillness will ever get.

Love made this transpire, but bereavement will always obtain the magnitude of abhorrence for being its fate.

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